DAWN.  A township in the Western District; is bounded on the east by the township of Zone, on the north by Enniskillen, on the west by Sombra, and on the south by Chatham and Camden west. In Dawn 16,339 acres are taken up, 3,320 of which are under cultivation. This is a fine township, containing excellent land ; the soil is generally rich, and the timber the best kinds of hardwood— maple, black walnut, beech, elm, white oak, &c. Bear Creek runs through the south of the township, from east to west; it is navigable as far as the new settlement of Dresden, and from the immense quantities of white oak on its banks, a profitable trade is carried on in staves, large numbers of which are annually exported. The land in the west of the township is rather flat and low, but as you proceed up the creek it becomes more rolling. The settlement of Dawn, or Taylor's Mills, is situated in the east of the township, on Bear Creek; and there is also a settlement of coloured persons on the river, situated about ten miles above the forks. They number about fifty families, and have 300 acres of land. The settlement commenced about three years since, and they have now sixty acres cleared and under cultivation, twenty more partially cleared, and they are clearing more fast; they appear to be very industrious. They have a school room (used as a chapel on Sundays), which is usually attended by about sixty pupils, half only of whom are children, and three teachers, one male and two female. There is an ashery in the township. There are some good farms in the township.
Population 940.
Ratable property in the township, £10,898. (Smith's Canadian Gazetteer, 1849)

City or Town