GOSFIELD.  A Township in the county of Essex; is bounded on the north by the townships of Rochester and Maidstone; on the west by Colchester ; on the south by Lake Erie ; and on the east by Mersea. In Gosfield 24,803 acres of land are taken up, of which 5,030 are under cultivation. About half the land in this township is wet, and requires considerable draining ; the remainder is mostly excellent land. Timber—maple, ash, oak, beech, black walnut, butternut, chestnut, &c., with a small quantity of cedar on the lake, at the mouth of Cedar Creek. Belle River, and the River Ruscom, take their rise in this township. In the south-east of the township, about four miles from the lake, are found large quantities of iron ore, which produces iron of excellent quality. A furnace and foundry have been in operation here since 1834, and large quantities of iron have been made. In Gosfield there are two steam grist and saw mills, and one water grist-mill, situated on the lake shore; and two tanneries, one store and ashery, and a tavern, on Cedar Creek, in the south-west of the township. There are also one Methodist and one Baptist chapel. Gosfield is well settled. Population 1338. The Canada Company possess about 6,000 acres in the township. And 200 acres of Crown lands are open for sale in the township, at 8s, c'y per acre. Ratable property in the township, £17,006. (Smith's Canadian Gazetteer, 1849)

City or Town