CAMP POINT   Is a post village in the eastern part of Adams county, on the Chicago and Quincy railroad, at the point of junction with the Toledo and Quincy road. This town sprang into existence on the opening of the Chicago and Quincy railroad. It is laid out on a beautiful undulating prairie, bounded on the south by McKee's creek, timber belt, and on the north by Bear creek, a considerable stream, on which there is a saw mill erected. There are extensive coal mines and stone quarries in the neighborhood. Camp Point has three churches and a school house, three steam saw mills, and an excellent grist, or flour mill, a carding mill, and a machine shop. There are numerous private warehouses, besides the depot buildings, affording ample storage. There are 15 stores of various kinds, 4 hotels, 2 livery stables, 2 brick yards, 2 carriage factories, 4 blacksmith shops, 1 cooper shop, 6 carpenter shops, 2 lumber yards, 1 sash, door and blind factory, and 2 cabinet makers. This town shipped to Quincy within the last year 111,000 bushels of wheat, 60,000 bushels of corn, 800 barrels green apples, 200 cords of hoop-poles, and a large quantity of produce to other points. Camp Point has growing facilities, and must become a point of great commercial importance. Present population, 700. This town is situated 100 miles from Springfield, and 77 from Galesburg.  Grandison Hess, Postmaster.  (Hawes' Illinois State Gazetteer..., 1859)

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