This county was created in 1859.

CHRISTIAN COUNTY.   This county is situated in the southeastern portion of the State, bounded on the east by Taney and Webster, west by Lawrence and Stone, north by Greene, and south by Stone and Taney Counties.
This is a new county—having been organized March 8, 1859. In 1860 it contained 5549 inhabitants. The face of the country is undulating—some portions approximating to what may be called broken. Generally heavily timbered, with excellent soil in the valleys and upon some of the uplands.
Land under cultivation can be had for about $9; uncultivated, from $2 to $4. The soil and climate both adapt this county to fruit culture or stock growing.
Minerals.—Extensive deposits of iron ore have been found in this county, and small quantities of lead and copper, with indications of rich openings.
When completed, the Southwest Branch of the Pacific Railroad will afford a cheap and speedy transit to market.
OZARK, the county-seat, is situated on Finley Creek, fifteen miles from Springfield, Greene County; contains a high school, two churches, Methodist and Christian, flouring and grist mill, two distilleries, four saw-mills, and a fair representation of stores, mechanics, etc.
Kenton is five miles from Ozark; has a population of about 100— one church and school and several business houses. The county contains a population of 6000.   (Parker's Missouri as it is in 1867..., 1867)

Total Population 1860
Free Black Population 1860
Enslaved Population 1860
Presidential Election Result 1860
Southern Democrat
Presidential Election Result 1864
Unconditional Union (1864)