KANE COUNTY, situated in the northeast part of Illinois, and traversed by Fox river. Area, 1,296 square miles. Seat of justice, Geneva. Pop. in 1840, 6,501; in 1850, 16,703. (Fanning's, 1853)

KANE, a county in the N. E. part of Illinois, has an area of 540 square miles. The Fox or Pishtaka river flows from N. to S. through the greatest length of the county. It is a rapid and beautiful stream, affording abundant water-power. The surface is mostly an undulating prairie, interspersed with beautiful groves of small extent; the river is bordered on the E. by a tract of timber, from 1 to 4 miles in width. The soil is excellent, yielding abundant crops of grain and fruits. In 1850 it produced 316,493 bushels of wheat; 337,593 of Indian corn; 206,364 of oats; 23,244 tons of hay, and 224,085 pounds of butter. It contained 18 churches, 3 newspaper offices, and 3665 pupils attending public schools. Limestone is the principal rock. The county is intersected by the Chicago and Galena railroad, and by the Aurora Extension railroad. First settled in 1835, and named in honor of Elias K. Kane, United States senator from Illinois. Capital, Geneva. Population, 16,703.   (Baldwin's New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States..., 1854)

KANE COUNTY is situated in the north-eastern portion of the state, and has an area of 640 square miles. Until the spring of 1830, it was under the jurisdiction of La Salle county; in that year it was organized as a separate county and the county seat located at Geneva. The county contains 345,000 acres; about 2,500 of which arc covered with excellent timber, and the remainder consists of rich rolling prairies. These are interspersed with groves of timber sufficient in amount to furnish a good supply for almost every town in the county. The soil is very rich and deep, yielding abundant crops of grain and fruits. The county is watered by Fox river, which runs the whole length of the eastern part; it also contains a beautiful sheet of water called Nelson's lake, and several small streams which are tributary to Fox river. The first courthouse and jail was commenced in 1837. These buildings have now been superseded by new and better ones, the present edifice costing about $60,000. The county is intersected by different lines of railroad, viz.: Burlington & Quincy, Galena & Chicago Union, Fulton & Iowa and Fox River Valley. Named in honor of Elias K. Kane, United States senator from this state. Capital, Geneva. Population, about 30,000.  (Hawes' Illinois State Gazetteer...,1859)

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