MONROE COUNTY   Was organized in 1843, and the county-seat ''laid off'' in 1844. Present population of the county 4200 — of Albia, the county-seat, 400.
The Methodists have a good frame meeting-house. The Presbyterians are just building a good brick edifice, which will be finished this summer. The society of Christians will build next season.
Here are one steam mill, one plough manufactory, a carding machine, and a full supply of stores and of professional men. The only newspaper in the county is the "Albia Free Press."
One public and one private school in Albia, each in a flourishing condition.
Steam flouring-mills, saw-mills, coopering establishments,' cabinet-ware manufactories, and any number of industrious mechanics are greatly needed here. At present the cooperage for pork, lard and flour, is obtained from a great distance, at decided disadvantage.
This county is as well watered as any portion of the State. The principal streams which have their rise in, or pass through the county, are Cedar Creek, Whippoorwill Creek, White's Creek, and Coal Creek ; the three latter, with numerous smaller streams, emptying into Cedar Creek, render it of proper size and power for mill-sites, and there are now five mills erected on this stream, doing business more than half the year. Bluff's, Gray's, Miller's, Avery's, and Soap Creeks, are each, streams of some size, and skirted with timber averaging nearly a mile in width.
Throughout the county the soil is very good ; the prairies are small, high, and fertile. An abundance of timber, coal, and limestone may be found in most parts of the county. The best land is entered, but claims to some of the very best can be bought at from five to ten dollars per acre. The county is increasing in numbers very rapidly, and offers great inducements to manufacturers, mechanics, farmers, and citizens of all classes.  (Iowa As It Is in 1855; A Gazetteer for Citizens..., 1855)

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