Stephens' Point, a thriving post-village in the above township, on the Wisconsin river, about 130 miles N. from Madison, and 6 miles above Plover, the county seat. The surrounding country abounds in pines, and the lumber business is carried on here extensively. Plank-roads are projected from Green bay and Berlin to this place. The river affords extensive water-power. It contains 9 stores, 4 hotels, 3 mills. 1 manufactory of harness, 1 of sashes, 1 of wagons, and 2 blacksmith shops. Population, 500. (Baldwin's New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States..., 1854)

STEVENS' POINT, P. V., in Portage county, on section 32, town 24 N., of range 8 E., 5-1/2 miles north of Plover, and 120 miles north of Madison, on the Wisconsin river. It is the principal depot of the lumbering trade of the Upper Wisconsin, from which most of the lumbermen make their outfits both for the pine forest in the fall, and for St. Louis, with rafts, in the spring; is beautifully situated, is proverbially healthy, and rapidly being built up. It will probably be the first point at which two great thoroughfares will meet—a rail road from Chicago to Ontonagon, of the Lake Superior, and from Green Bay to St. Pauls, of the Mississippi. A plank road is about to be commenced from Green Bay to this place, and another is projected from Berlin. The surrounding country is fast settling, and is adapted to farming equally as the up river country is pre-eminent for lumbering. The land office of the Stevens' Point land district is located here. Population 500; with 84 dwellings, 9 stores, 4 hotels, 3 mills; 1 chair, 1 bedstead, 1 leather, 1 harness, and 1 sash manufactory; 2 tailors, 2 blacksmiths, 2 shoemakers, 1 sleigh and waggon maker, and 3 organized religious societies. (John Warren Hunt, Wisconsin Gazetteer..., Madison, 1853)

Total Population 1860
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