Withdrawal of troops from Hampton— One Thousand Troops at the Fortress— Approach of the Confederates. &c.

              FORTRESS MONROE, July 27. — Three remaining companies of the four regiments ordered to Washington will leave Old Point by the Baltimore boat. Thirty sick go with them to Washington in charge of Dr. Wainright, of the Scott Life Guard.

              It became apparent early last evening that the Confederates meditated an attack upon Hampton.  The Troy and Max Weber’s regiments, four Massachusetts companies and the Naval Brigade, constituted our entire available force outside the wall of the fortress. General Butler determined to abandon the town in case of a formidable advance, and at 7o’clock the order was given for families and goods to be removed within one hour.

              Orders were also issued to burn the town, rather than have it fall into the hands of the enemy. The General will understands that the possession of Hampton by the Confederates will be of no particular importance. A stampede of the colored population took place, and during all last night and to-day the road has been lined with refugees to the Fortress, and army wagons, and carts, bringing in goods from Hampton. The road has presented a most interesting and picturesque appearance. Nearly a thousand contraband men, women, and children, must have come in during the last twenty four hours. For the present, those not employed in the Fortress will be quartered in and around the Seminary Building, lately headquarters of Colonel Duryea.

              About nine P.M. the Naval Brigade and Massachusetts companies came in and encamped near the Fortress.

              Max Weber’s regiment came in the morning and will occupy Camp Hamilton. An alarm occurred this morning, and several building in Hampton were fired by our troops. The secessionists will doubtless occupy the place to-morrow, unless it should be burned. A flag of truce came in from Confederates proposing to exchange Shurtliff from Captain Jenkins




"Withdrawal of Troops from Hampton," Baltimore (MD) Daily Exchange, July 29, 1861 

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