SLAVE STAMPEDE.  A correspondent of the Tribune telegraphs from Syracuse as follows:

     " As one of the incidents of a Free Convention, I may state that nine slaves were forwarded to Canada at 1 o'clock today. They were as fine a lot of chattels as ever ran from the land of the Free to the Queen's dominions. Five are men, two are women, and two girls. Four came from Norfolk, frightened away by the fever, and three or four from Washington. One of the men was a Charleston vessel, bound for Norfolk, but his owner declined to enter that port on account of the fever, and after extorting a promise that his slave would go back by land to Washington, he landed at Philadelphia; but strange to say the slave thought himself unsafe in that city of brotherly love and suddenly started for Syracuse. He is now north of the lake. Among of the martyrs here I noticed Mr. Patterson of the extinct Parkville Luminary. 


"Slave Stampede," Boston (MA) Daily Atlas, September 27, 1855, p. 2.

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