STAMPEDE OF SLAVES -- HORRIBLE DENOUEMENT.--Cincinnati, Jan. 28. A stampede of slaves from the border counties of Kentucky took place last night. The whereabouts of several of the fugitives having been discovered here, officers at noon to-day proceeded to make arrests. Upon approaching the house where the slaves were secreted, the latter fired, wounding two or three spectators, but not seriously. One slave woman, finding escape impossible, cut the throats of her children, killing one instantly, and severely wounding two others. Six of the fugitives were apprehended, but it is said that eight escaped. 

   We take the above from the Daily Journal, the paper which so much delights in union with slaveholders, and is so greatly pleased at learning that the Disunion sentiment is losing ground with the people. What honest man or woman can repress emotion on hearing of such cases as the above, or can fail to cry out for a total separation from the doers of such abominations!


"Stampede of Slaves - Horrible Denouement," Boston (MA) Liberator, February 1, 1856, p. 3

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