Stampede of Slaves in Delaware.               

            Almost every day we hear of a new stampede of slaves in our county. Indeed so frequent have they become of late that no surprise or comment is excited thereby. Our people seem to have settled into a state of apathy and indifference upon the subject. The latest case we have heard of came off on Sunday night last. Some fifteen or more negroes (men, women, and children), belonging to persons residing in and near Cedar Point Neck, absconded that night and, breaking open a barn, took out a large flat-bottomed boat, which they carried to the creek, and thus made their escape. One gentleman, we understand, lost on this occasion eleven of his negroes. During the past week not less than fifty negroes from this vicinity have run off and, in several cases, masters have been left without hands to work and secure their growing crops. – Port Tobacco Times,


"Stampede of Slaves in Delaware," Chicago (IL) Tribune,  September 22, 1863, p. 3.

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