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The grand jurors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, empannelled and sworn to inquire in and for the body of the Bracken Circuit Court at at Court begun and held for said Circuit for the trial of criminals at the Court house of said Circuit on the twenty eighth and continued on the twenty ninth day of August in the year of Our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and forty eight; In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky upon their oaths and present that Harry Slaughter (a negro slave the property of Richard Pindell) late of the said County of Bracken, Bill Griffin (a slave the property of John Chism) late of said county of Bracken, Shadrack (a negro slave the property of Thomas Christian) late of said County of Bracken, Presley Coleman (a negro slave the property of John Wardlow) late of the said County of Bracken; Anderson (a negro man slave the property of Alexander Prewett) late of the said county of Bracken, and Jasper (a negro man slave the property of Samuel R. Bullock) late of the said county of Bracken, falsely, unlawfully, maliciously, seditiously and feloniously intending to disturb, molest and disquiet the peace and public tranquility of this Commonwealth, and as much as in them lay, to move, stir up and procure sedition, insurrection, and rebellion in this Commonwealth as to endanger the Government of Said Commonwealth... with a great multitude of negro slaves, whose names are at present to the said jurors unknown... the number of forty armed and arrayed in warlike manner, that is to say with guns, pistols, knives and other warlike weapons, as well offensive as defensive, being then and there unlawfully, maliciously, rebelliously, and feloniously assembled and gathered together, against the said Commonwealth and the laws... that they the said Harry Slaughter, Jack, Bill Griffin, Shadrack, Presley Coleman, Anderson and Jasper, with the said forty negro slaves so as aforesaid rebelliously assembled and armed and arrayed in manner aforesaid, most wickedly, maliciously, rebelliously and feloniously did ordain, prepare, and make public insurrection against the said Commonwealth.... 

             Harrison Taylor

Attorney for the Commonwealth


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Saturday, September 2nd, 1848

           The Court met pursuant to adjournment

           Present: Judge Reid.

    Harry Slaughter, Shadrack, Jasper, Jackson, Bill Griffin, Anderson, Presley Coleman, slaves, who stand indicted and arraigned for conspiracy to insurrection and rebellion were again led to the bar in custody of the jailor and the counsel for the prisoners as well as the Commonwealth's Attorney being present, the Jury sworn herein came into Court and upon their oaths do say We the Jury find Harry Slaughter, Shadrack and Presley Coleman - guilty - and Jack Clay, Jasper, Anderson and Bill Griffin - not guilty. And thereupon they are again remanded to jail. 


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Tuesday, September 19th, 1848

      Court met pursuant to adjournment.

            Present: Hon. Walker Reid, Circuit Judge.

   Shadrack (the slave of Thomas Christian) and Presley Coleman (the slave of John Wardlow) who stand convicted of conspiracy to insurrection and rebellion, this day by their counsel moved the Court for a new trial... and being fully heard as well as the attorney for the commonwealth, the said motions were overruled, and thereupon they were led to the bar in custody of the jailor and it being demanded of them if for themselves any thing they had or could say why the Court should not proceed to judgement and award execution thereof as the law directs, they said that they had not any thing ot say but what they had before said. Therefore it was considered and adjudged by the Court, that they the said Shadrack and Presley Coleman be taken to the jail from where they came, there to be safely kept until the 28th day of October, 1848, on which day they shall be taken from thence by the Sheriff of Bracken County to a gallows... upon which they shall be suspended by the neck with a cord by the said Sheriff until they are dead....


Bracken Circuit Court, Order Book H, pp. 216, 235, 248, typescript copies in box 1, folder 8, J. Winston Coleman papers, University of Kentucky

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