ANOTHER STAMPEDE.--Early yesterday morning Mr. McGuire, of the White Hall, in Kentucky, opposite the Fifth street ferry, discovered at his door a valuable horse attached to a sleigh, the horse in a profuse sweat and dreadfully blown, showing clearly that he had been driven at terrible speed. He learned that another stampede of slaves had occurred. The fugitives numbered seven in all, and consisted of two men, two women, and three children, belonging to Mr. Gaines, of Boone county, brother to the Mr. Gaines who claims the slave Garner, now on trial before Commissioner Pendery. We learn that the latter gentleman has suffered another loss, four more of his slaves having absconded. So far no clue has been obtained of the fugitives. 

   Since writing the above we learn that still another stampede has occurred. In this case the slave belonged to a Mr. Jackson, who resides three miles back of Newport. The number escaped from this gentleman is seven--two men, three women, and two children. As in the case just mentioned, nothing is known of the fugitives. It is probable that they are all in the charge of some expert conductor on the Underground Railroad and are by this time far on their way toward Canada.--Cin. Enquirer. 


"Another Stampede," Louisville (KY) Daily Journal, February 4, 1856, p. 3

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