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Friday, February 1, 1856
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Throughout late January and early February 1856, enslaved people launched a startling series of "stampedes" from Boone county, Kentucky and the surrounding counties. The Ohio river had frozen, temporarily forming an icy "bridge," and enslaved Kentuckians seized the moment for a mass exodus from bondage. Some estimates place the number of freedom seekers as high as 200 during this period. Not all made it to freedom--three freedom seekers who fled from Wyoming in nearby Bath county, on Thursday, February 7, 1856 were quickly recaptured near Fee's Chapel. But many more appear to have successfully gained their freedom. 


Escape Numbers
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General estimate; contemporary sources estimated around 200 enslaved people had fled across the frozen Ohio River during the month. Around February 3, 18 specific enslaved people were mentioned as having taken flight.