SAFE AND SOUND IN CANADA. – The Charleston (Md.) News, of Sep. 20th informs it readers of a regular stampede of negroes from that neighborhood, a day or two previous. They were ten in number. It is said, "they are all valuable negroes; and " it is hoped" by the editor of the News, that they will be recovered. Up to the time of writing the article, he had not heard from them. 

          Well, we rather think they will not be recovered. We had, during the present week, the pleasure of shaking seven of them by the hand, and for the information of the News man, and other interested, we assure them that they were not safe in Canada, "where colored men are free." Truly does the editor say "they are valuable negroes." They will be regarded as a very "valuable" acquisition to the army that have come up out of Egypt," to use an expression of one of the party. The "boys" were in good health, and intended to "set up business" on their own responsibility. We wish them every success. Stockholders in the Underground Rail! Atttention!! One of the boys inform us that "there are lots getting ready to come." Come on, bretheren [brethren]; the North Star is shinning. –  Fred. Douglass' Paper.


"Safe and Sound in Canada," New Lisbon (OH) Anti-Slavery Bugle, November 17, 1855, p. 4.

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