SLAVE STAMPEDE--DREADFUL TRAGEDY.--A shocking affair occurred at Cincinnati on Monday. Eight slaves, consisting of father, mother, son, son's wife, and four children, the property of A.K. Gaines and John Marshall, of Boone county, Ky., had escaped from their masters on Sunday and fled to Cincinnati, where they took refuge for the night with a negro living in the edge of the city. Their escape becoming known, they were pursued, and their retreat, discovered. The U.S. Marshal was summoned, and proceeded to arrest them, but upon attempting to break open the house, the slaves fired upon the Marshal and his posse, wounding the Assistant Marshal and several suspicions. The door was then broken open, when it was found that the mother of the children had cut their throats, killing one instantly and dangerously wounding two others. The rest of the slaves were apprehended, and are kept in prison pending legal proceedings. 

   On the same day, eight more slaves ran away, from Covington, Ky., and are supposed to have made good their escape to Canada. 


"Slave Stampede - Dreadful Tragedy," Richland Center (WI) Richland County Observer,  February 12, 1856, p. 2

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