SLAVE STAMPEDE--The freezing of the Ohio River, by the facilities thus furnished for crossing from Kentucky to Ohio, seems to have stimulated many of the bondsmen of the latter State to attempt their escape. We learn by telegraph from Cincinnati of the recapture there yesterday of several of these fugitives, not withstanding tragical circumstances of the most affecting character. A mother finding escape hopeless from the hands of the slave-catchers, to save her three children from being dragged back to Slavery, cut their throats, instantly killing one and severely wounding the other two. Six of the fugitives were captured, but eight, belonging to another party, are said to have effected their escape. When the slave mothers of the South begin to be afflicted with this fanaticism for freedom, it is not to be believed that either they or their children can long be retained in bondage. Still less is it to be believed that the humane and Christian people of the North, will tolerate the execution among them of a kidnapping statute by which mothers are driven to such extremities.--N.Y. Tribune. 


"Slave Stampede," Rochester (NY) Frederick Douglass' Paper, February 1, 1856, p.2

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