The Almighty's free bridge of ice across the Ohio river seems to afford great facilities for the escape of slaves from a state of bondage into a state of freedom. A recent stampede of slaves from Kentucky was followed by a most horrible tragedy, in enforcing the fugitive slave law, at Cincinnati--some account of which will be found in another column; from the reading of which no one can arise without expressing his surprise that the more we legislate in behalf of the "moral" right of slavery, the more its subjects endeavor to escape from it.--It is pretty evident that there is an instinct of freedom possessed by every descendant of Adam, the outworkings of which no legislation, no reasoning, however metaphysical or practical, can either thwart or suppress. As to the bridge of ice referred to we should not be surprised if some Southern Hotspur in Congress should rise up in his place and pronounce it unconstitutional!


Schenectady (NY) Cabinet, February 5, 1856, p.2.

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