THE CONTRABANDS FLEEING.––For some reason, the slaves on the border are taking to Kansas at more than ordinary speed. Rev. M.E. Lard offers two hundred dollars reward, in the Gazette, for the recovery of a man and woman who ran away from him within the past three weeks. 

   Col. Howard also offers one hundred dollars to any one who will bring to him, "a very likely, light colored, mulatto girl, name Fanny, from fourteen to fifteen years of age."

   Messrs. Pullin, Elder, and Stamper offer five hundred dollars reward for four negro men who ran away from them, taking four horses with them. Besides these another batch left this county last week, and quite a party have vamosed since last Sunday. 


"The Contrabands Fleeing," St. Joseph (MO) Morning Herald, February 15, 1862

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