Beginning Date
Saturday, February 1, 1862
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Dan // Sina // Fanny (age about 14) // Jason // Charles //Peter // Shelby
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Rev. M.E. Lard // Col. Howard // Pullin, Elder, and Stamper
Mid Points
End Point

In late January and early February 1862, there were a series of escapes totaling seven people from St. Joseph and dubbed a "stampede" by a local newspaper after it reported mocking coverage of the episode from a Leavenworth, Kansas newspaper.  Two enslaved people, Dan and Sina, escaped from Rev. M.E. Lard near St. Joseph, Missouri. Their enslaver, Lard, offered a $200 reward for their recapture. An enslaved girl named Fanny, aged 14-15, escaped from Col. Howard, who offered a $100 reward for Fanny's re-enslavement.  Four enslaved men––Jason, Charles, Peter, and Shelby––escaped from the farms of slaveholders Pullin, Elder, and Stamper near St. Joseph. The three enslavers advertised a joint reward of $500 for the recapture of the four escapees. According to a report in the Leavenworth, KS Times, the four men reached safety in the neighboring state.  The Kansas newspaper noted that people were gossiping that one of the enslavers was Fanny's father.

Escape Attributes
Multiple Slaveholders
Serial Escapes
Women and/or children runaways
Runaway Arrest Ad
Escape Numbers
Escape Numbers Comment
Dan, Sina, Fanny, Jason, Charles, Peter, and Shelby