KANSAS AND THE CONTRABANDS.––To show the feeling with which Kansians behold the stampede of negroes from their masters, to the tender mercies of the citizens of that young State, we clip the following from the Leavenworth Times. While Secessionists fight the Government, this is a fair sample of the feeling with which the people of the free States on the border treat every effort of slaveholders to recover their property. Stop this war, let the Courts resume their functions and property will be recovered, under the Fugitive Slave Law.

   "A GOAK."––If the fool-killer were to visit St. Joseph just now he could get a big job. Moses E. Lard, a preacher, Joseph B. Howard, a capitalist, and three others, advertise runaway negroes, men and women, in the St. Joseph Gazette, offering in the aggregate $800 reward. Those contraband are very probably safe, and it is further very probable that Messrs. Lard, Howard & Co. wont get them. We think they wont. Dan, and Sina, and Fanny, (people are malicious enough to hint that one of the parties advertising is her father) and Jason, and Charles and Peter, and Shelby are in the "happy land of Canaan.


"Kansas and the Contrabands," St. Joseph (MO) Morning Herald, February 18, 1862.

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