A Cincinnati paper of the 28th ult. says: A stampede of slaves took place on the evening of the 27th--the whereabouts of several of the fugitives having been discovered here, officers at noon, to day, proceeded to make arrests--upon approaching the house where the slaves were secreted, the latter fired, wounding two or three spectators, but not severely. One slave woman, finding escape impossible, cut the throats of her children, killing one instantly, and severely wounding two others: six of the fugitives were apprehended, and eight are said to have escaped. 

   It is gratifying to read the accounts that daily come before our notice, of so many noble-hearted men, women and children making their escapes from the land of oppression; but seldom do we find such utter abhorrence of the fiendish system manifested, as in the case of the female above spoken of. May her spirit e fostered wherever the land is polluted with the unhallowed feet of those accursed beings, namely, Slave-holders! "Give me liberty or give me death," were the words of Patrick Henry.

   The above sentiment has been measurably adopted by this female; but all endeavors should have been made to cut the throats of the lawless pursuers, which would have been in compliance with the Sacred Scriptures, which say--Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.


"Editorial," Toronto (CAN) Provincial Freedman, February 2, 1856.

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