There has been an immense stampede of the negroes in the upper part of the State. The Rev. Mr. Fee and the other Abolitionists in that region must be acting upon the opinions laid down by Prentice some years since, that "all men have a right to liberty, no matter what color"--and are carrying out the wish expressed by him in 1849, that he "hoped to see the day when there would not be a slave in Kentucky."

   His Abolition brethren in Northern Kentucky and Ohio are doing a great deal to carry his sentiments into effect. Their underground railroad is in very active operation. We do not know that Prentice is the agent for the sale of tickets in this city, but we do know that negroes are very often missing.--Lou. Times. 


Toronto (CAN) Provincial Freeman, March 8, 1856, p. 2.

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