They had an exciting time in Cincinnati a few days ago. A stampede of slaves from the border counties of Kentucky took place, and they were pursued by their owners and others and traced to that city.

   Officers were procured, who, with a large posse, proceeded to arrest the fugitives. On approaching the house where they were secreted, the slaves fired upon the party, killing one man instantly and severely wounding two others. 

   One of the slave women had four innocent little children with her, and finding escape impossible, she cut the throat of the youngest and endeavored to kill the other three, wounding one of them very badly, rather than see them carried back into slavery. 

   How any man, after witnessing such scenes, can favor the extension or in any way countenance or encourage such a hell-begotten system as that of American slavery, we are at a loss to know. Here is a poor woman who has tasted of its bitter fruits, and she prefers having the life blood of her darling offspring poured out upon her heaving bosom to having it live the life that she has. 



"Another Slave Stampede - Great Excitement!," Upper Sandusky (OH) Wyandot Pioneer, February 7, 1856, p. 2

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