Beginning Date
Monday, May 29, 1854
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
James (age about 18)
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
B.S. Garland
Mid Points
End Point

On Monday, May 29, 1854, an enslaved man named James, roughly 18 years in age, ran away from slaveholder B.S. Garland's property four miles outside of St. Louis. Garland offered a $200 reward for his return. 

Escape Attributes
Single Slaveholder
Runaway Arrest Ad
Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

St. Louis Missouri Republican, June 11, 1854 (HMO); Benammi S. Garland had also been the enslaver of Joshua Glover, who had escaped in 1852 and was then in the midst of a fiery (and unsuccessful) rendition effort in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, disrupted by abolitionists like Sherman Booth and which ultimately resulted in a landmark Supreme Court case, Ableman v. Booth (1859).