Marion Association. 

   At a meeting of the Marion Association held at the Court House on Monday the 2d of January, the following among other proceedings were had––Judge Brown offered the following preamble and resolutions for the consideration of the meeting, which were on motion adopted:

WHEREAS, it is foreign to our purposes to participate directly or indirectly in the political partizan conflicts of the country nevertheless, for the purpose of more fully explaining the nature of this Association, and that our objects and aims may be not either misunderstood or misrepresented, we deem it proper and right to make the following declaration:

1st. Resolved. That the Constitution of the United States recognizes the institution of slavery, as a thing appertaining exclusively to the people of the Sovereign States and of the Territories belonging to the United States, and that this Association regards the agitation of this subject with a view to its extinguishment by citizens of the non-slaveholding States, as a wanton, unauthorized, and revolutionary assault upon the feelings, interests and constitutional rights of the citizens of the slaveholding States. 

2d. Resolved. That it is incompatible with our own self-respect, discreditable to our institutions, and dishonoring to our posterity, to longer submit in quietness to unconstitutional, unneighborly, mischeivous , wicked, revolutionary, dishonest, and villainous machinations of abolition incendiaries from other States, and what we have reason to regard as the acts of their allies in this State, to disturb the minds, excite subordination and discontent among our slaves, and cause them to be dissatisfied and run off from their owners. 

3d. Resolved, That we deem it incumbent upon ourselves to resist to our utmost, all such interferences with our slave property, that we will use honorable means to ferret out those disturbers of the public peace, and contribute liberally of our own personal substance and exertions, to bring every such offender to a speedy and well merited punishment. 

4th. Resolved, That the thanks of the Association be hereby presented to Thos. L. Anderson, Esq., for the sound patriotic address delivered before this Association, on Saturday, the 24th of Dec., last; and that we fully endorse the sentiments embodied in said address. 

5th. Resolved, That Messrs. Jas. W. McPike, John Berry, and George W. Taylor, be appointed a committee to present a copy of these resolutions to Col. Anderson, and they are hereby instructed to request the Colonel to furnish a copy of said speech to this Association for publication. 

6th. Resolved, That these proceedings be published in the several papers of this county, and that the Secretary be requested to prepare and furnish copies of the same for that purpose. The following was offered by A.W. Rush, and adopted. 

Resolved, That the Statute of the State of Missouri authorizing or providing for the emancipation of slaves, should be so amended as to prohibit the emancipation of slaves by will or otherwise, unless the person emancipating such slave or slaves, makes sufficient provision to transport such slave to Liberia, or some other Colony in Africa. 

   The following was offered by John T. Redd, and adopted:

   Resolved, That the President appoint one citizen in each township in this County to communicate with the inhabitants thereof respecting the character and utility of this Association, and procure members and contributions. 

         JAS. B. REDD Pres't.

B.B. King, Sec'y.


"Marion Association," Hannibal (MO) Courier, January 12, 1854

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