Beginning Date
Thursday, August 27, 1857
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
John // Anderson // Venus and her child
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Dr. R.H. Griffith // Snively
Mid Points
End Point

On Thursday night, August 27, 1857, four enslaved people, two men John, Anderson, and a woman Venus and her child, escaped from slaveholder Dr. R.H. Griffith in Hannibal, Missouri. The same night, an enslaved man, who was not named, escaped from a slaveholder named Snively in Hannibal. Days later, four of the five freedom seekers were recaptured by Jordan Hyde and Neal Fouks "in the prairie bottom opposite this city" after "a short scuffle."

Escape Attributes
Multiple Slaveholders
Women and/or children runaways
Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

Blackett, The Captive's Quest, 140; Hannibal Messenger, August 29 and September 1, 1857 (HMO)