Beginning Date
Thursday, September 1, 1859
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Jim Gray
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Richard Phillips
UGRR Operatives Mentioned By Name
John Hossack // Dr. Joseph Stout // Claudius B. King // James Stout //Hervey King //E. W. Chamberlin

Several enslaved people escaped from the farm of Richard Phillips in New Madrid, Missouri, including Jim Gray, who was apprehended in Union County, Illinois by local slave catcher John B. Jones.  Gray, however, was later rescued from federal custody in Ottawa, Illinois. A fugitive slave case ensued, in which several anti-slavery activists were  indicted (including John Hossack, Dr. Joseph Stout, Claudius B. King, James Stout, Hervey King, and E. W. Chamberlin). Hossack received the longest sentence --10 days in jail for violating the 1850 federal Fugitive Slave Law. 

Escape Attributes
Single Slaveholder
Single Group Escape
Railroad Escape
UGRR Involvement
Court Hearing
Escape Numbers
Escape Numbers Comment
estimated; a group of several enslaved people
Notes on Sources

Dexter, Bondage in Egypt, 289-295;  Ottawa: Old and New, A Complete History of Ottawa, Illinois available online at