Beginning Date
Monday, September 4, 1854
Starting Point
Freedom Seekers Mentioned By Name
Governor Scott // Henry Scott // Washington Anderson
Slaveholders Mentioned By Name
Richard Graham // D.M. Frost
Mid Points

On Monday, September 4, 1854, an enslaved man named Governor Scott,  about 31 years old, escaped from slavery in St. Louis County. His enslaver, Richard Graham, offered $200 for Governor's recapture. At the same time, Governor's brother Henry Scott and 16-year-old nephew Washington Anderson escaped. The three men reached Chicago. Anderson later moved to Indiana, where a jury found him guilty of grand larceny. Graham's son-in-law, D.M. Frost, procured Anderson's release and returned with him back to Missouri. Then in June 1859, Anderson escaped again with his younger brother Jim. Frost tracked them to Chicago, and recaptured Washington, Jim, and Henry. Governor remained free. 

Escape Numbers
Notes on Sources

St. Louis (MO) Republican, September 19, 1854; "The Late Recovery of Slaves in Chicago--Statement of their Owner," St. Louis (MO) Republican, August 6, 1859